Money controls the world. How people act, live, and feel. Its weird that  pieces of paper and metal have the power to do literally anything. Money even determines someone’s power and what most people think their level of  happiness. It can do good and bad, but overall I think it is the most twisted thing about the human race. Just for a moment imagen if we didn’t have money, as if humans didn’t understand the concept or know it exists. Everyone would be equal. All though there are always going to be humans with more power it would be much more equal then now. People would share things, all things and if you have something that you want you could trade for it with a skill or a physical object. I know it is doable because every other species on the planet does it. I feel that society would be much happier this way. Less complicated, success wouldn’t be measured by a number but by your personal level of happiness. Because really in life that is the ultimate goal, to reach happiness. Take Donald Trump a man with more money than you can count. People think more money equals more happines. But do you really think he is a happy human? I feel like he is the most angry stressed out man I have ever seen. He has so much power and money and so little happiness. I would honestly rather be a poor man living on a beach in a third world country living in a one room house than Donald Trump. In the end I think its a shame that humans have this conventional idea drilled into their heads that there is a positive correlation between money and happiness.


Riley is a bro. He is one of my best friends no doubt about it. Although he can be the most annoying kid in the world hes more often cool than not. He always makes me laugh and its great. That kid that tells you when your being annoying or being a jerk. Or tells you when your flat out going over the top. He just tells you when to straighten up. Hes a great friend.


House Park

Awwwwww  Hard slams, broken bones, broken boards. I love House Park.

My brothers and sisters getting dropped of at ACC to take their boring classes. While I get to go to House Park. Just me and my skateboard…  And other guys getting super mad at their board (and I think to myself yeah blame the skateboard cause that makes sense) and breaking it or throwing it and screaming cusswords that bounce off the smooth cement and resonate in the tall parking garage on the side where people blast music when riding by. I like the rush—but sometimes its extremely annoying you just want to say shut up. I love house park though.

But there’s definitely cool people too. Guys that will hang with you and give you tips and stuff. And play S.K.A.T.E. People doing crazy tricks. I love House Park.

Favorite Quote

That is the greatest thing ever said in the world–“I speak for THE TREES” exclaimed the Lorax. I like how smooth and solid it vibrates of his vocal cords like gliding in the wind. He says it with so much confidence like a brave mouse standing up to Terminator… But he’s only 3 feet tall, but he acts like he’s a Roman warrior.– Actually he practicaly is a Roman warrior.  Actually better than a Roman warrior. HE’S THE LORAX.

I like this quote because it shows his power and respect. It is also very stern and bold. It shows he cares about the trees and that they ‘re  on his side.

The Things I Would Grab

If my house was on fire, and I could only grab a couple things, these would be what I would take.

The first thing I would grab would be my dog Charlotte, because I love her so much shes been there for me for as long as I can remember, she sleeps with me every night. Also she would be easy to grab because she would be right next to me.

The second thing I would grab would be my first knife, because my dad got it for me on my tenth birthday and it means a lot to me.

The third thing I would grab would be my quilt that my mom made for me years ago, I sleep with it every night to.

The last thing I would grab if I had time would be my tortoise Tod, because I like him a lot and secondly letting any animal be burned alive is terrible.

By the way if your thinking there wouldn’t be nearly enough time for me to get all those things. Well actually every one of those items are in my room and I always know where they are because those are the things I love. Besides my family!

Charlotte DOG My Best Friend

Charlotte is the bomb. I love her so much. She eats like Wreck It Ralph; she’s eaten a whole ham in one sitting. But she’s not even fat. My big brother and I have fed her like half a pizza.She also eats weird stuff like ice cubes and almonds. She’s literally the chillest dog in the world; she really just lays around.All my friends have to walk their dogs but not me–Charlotte walks herself. She walks all through the neighborhood and always comes back. I made up a nick name for Charlotte and lately I have been calling her Charlito. At night we hear coyotes in the back and Charlotte goes to the window and says ya ya. As if she could take the whole pack but she couldn’t do anything.


Its hard to be grateful
when the guilt makes you hateful
Its hard to be shore that Katniss
will be walking through
the front door and if
she does we will not be poor
anymore to do that she’s going to have to at least
have hope to win this war
its extremely unfair
but president snow doesn’t care


I hate being in trouble especially when you do something really bad or your talking to the principal your head turns into a red balloon your veins about to pop out of your face your whole face burns your palms sweat if it’s bad enough water is about to come blasting out of yours eyes but you try hard to fight it not wanting to embarrass your self then there’s going home that day do I tell mom or wait for them to see it TELL THEM especially if it happened a couple days ago and then they find out or even worse it was a couple days ago and you tried to delete the email on purpose or take there phone expecting the call then delete the voice mail my point is don’t get in trouble it sucks

“Dad’s Office”

That’s what it’s called “Dad’s Office” the most fun place on the universe the place where you will find something you’ve never seen before every time you go my dad’s office has the weirdest things ever motor scooters scooters yoga balls a fake weird Christmas tree a ping pong table right in the middle awful art hanging from the ceiling that me and my siblings made and much more that was my favorite place to go on earth when I was little I thought I was so cool going to dad’s office because I love dad’s office

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